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To learn more about the Alexander Technique in general and the Interactive Teaching Method in particular, visit:

Here you will find information on the ITM and it’s founder, Don Weed, details of workshops and classes with Don and other teachers, teacher training, Codes of Conduct And Ethics, books, articles, and links to many ITM teachers around the world. Everything you always wanted to know about the Alexander Technique in all it's forms. All on one enormous, but helpful and easy to use, site. Includes articles, research into A.T. and related topics, and an unfeasable number of links.


The Alexander Technique is a powerful tool for change, But it cannot fix everything and it does not "cure" injury or disease. If you have a clinical condition then you first need clinical intervention. For example:-

At Yew Tree Clinic, there is a team of Osteopaths led by the wonderful Claire Howard, a range of other treatments, plus ITM Alexander Technique teacher Alexandra Bollag.

ITM Alexander Technique teachers

If you're looking for a teacher outside of Bristol, here are a few recommendations.

In the Birmingham area
Jane Toms:

David Bailey:
Nicola Dobiecka:


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